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Financial management, compliance and analysis to help you make decisions. Numeric Accounting was designed for those who want to scale their business safely.
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Why did we create Numeric Accounting?
Numeric has always dreamed of positioning itself in the national and international market as the best solution to provide customers with basic information to understand their company’s financial and financial situation, as well as its operational and financial performance. To achieve this, it was necessary to deliver to the market an exclusive product, with quality in the information processed, in a way that facilitated the submission of companies to audit processes, public bidding, credit withdrawal from financial institutions, calculation of PLR, fulfillment of ancillary obligations , among others. We then created Numeric Accounting, an accounting solution that goes far beyond numbers.
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How do we do Numeric Accounting?

Based on technical compliance security, punctuality and consistency in quality, Numeric Accounting is perfect for multinationals, companies with a governance structure, corporate groups and companies with investors who frequently monitor their results.

Our senior team, fluent in English and Spanish, in international partnership with the Antea brand, will work for your business based on 4 pillars: data capture, accounting classification, balance reconciliation and generation of accounting, tax and management reports.

We use the best of technology for financial integrations, through systems such as OMIE, Conta Azul, Quick Books and Thomson Reuters.

What is Numeric Accounting?

On an annual basis:

Financial statements in IFRS standard
Tax planning
Submission of tax obligations including ECD, ECF
Report income
IBGE and Central Bank report
Assistance to audits, banks and consultants

On a monthly basis:

Guide to taxes to be collected in spheres
Tax reports and books
Monthly balance sheets
questions and answers

Questions about the

Numeric Accounting?

A company's accounting, in addition to the delivery of obligations, must provide insights into optimizing revenue. We have a team that provides personalized service for each client, delving deeper into the company's field, we go beyond the standard thinking of common accounting.
When we say “more than numbers” we mean that we go beyond what standard accounting can do. Here you can count on several qualified professionals not only in accounting, but in law, finance, taxes and the personnel department to help your company in all areas. Furthermore, here at Numeric you deal with human beings, not robots with automatic responses. We understand your questions and needs and if you are in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, we are open to receive your visit or invitation to come to you.
For sure. Competent and transparent accounting like Numeric has all the tools and professionals to make your company grow further in your line of business. Our commitment is to support and guide you in strategic growth in an organized and structured way, through strategic accounting.
Yes, we carry out a study of your field of activity, aligned with your revenue and growth forecast in the coming years, understanding the dynamics of the company and together with Numeric we can provide guidance on the best choice of regime. We know that a wrong choice in the tax regime can contribute to an unsatisfactory financial result. With Numeric you will have the peace of mind of receiving a personalized study for your business.
Yes, we have a prepared team that speaks English and Spanish, with the knowledge to draw up the necessary interfaces, integrating local accounting with global strategies. We generate personalized reports, that is, according to the group's needs, for essential monthly reports, which are mandatory for management and financial analysis.

numeric accounting

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