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Why did we create Numeric Payroll?
The personnel department is crucial to the success of a company. He is responsible for managing hiring, payroll, labor management, benefits management, among others. Additionally, he handles legal compliance issues, ensuring that the company follows applicable laws and regulations. Numeric Payroll was created to bring peace of mind to our customers, offering full management of this complex and vital area for business growth.
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How do we do Numeric Payroll?
By outsourcing the personnel department, the company can rest assured that labor legislation is constantly updated, avoiding errors and possible labor actions. Additionally, sending digital information saves time and minimizes the environmental impact of unnecessary printing. Employees also benefit from receiving digital payslips and receipts, making it easier to access and organize information. With the union of technology and expertise, Numeric Payroll offers a complete and efficient service in managing labor processes, allowing the company to focus on other areas of the business. Outsource with comfort and security for everyone!
What is Numeric Payroll?
Admission of employees
Payroll issuance
Termination and approvals of employees
Calculation of vacation and 13th salary
Sending of ancillary obligations (E-SOCIAL, DCTF WEB)
Generation of accounting, tax and financial support reports (labor provisions, summary sheets by cost center, list of salaries payable, etc.)
Labor consultancy
Labor or social security inspection
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Questions about the

Numeric Payroll?

The personnel department is essential for the company, as it ensures that labor laws are complied with, preventing the company from having unnecessary liabilities.
Because we offer outsourcing of the tax department, our professionals are constantly updated in relation to labor legislation. Numeric is made up of professionals with different backgrounds, including lawyers, which forms our multi-skill and diverse environment.
The company may suffer sanctions from the Labor Court. Hiring Numeric, in addition to the appropriate technology, will guarantee knowledge of the information that must be forwarded to the Federal Government.
It is the registration system created by the Federal Government to facilitate tax, social security and labor information relating to employees. Knowing the definition and operationalization is extremely important.

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