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People are the key to success
Why did we create Numeric People?

A company’s employees are a key part of its performance, and the success of an employee in a given company begins with recruitment and selection.

More than technical skills, a good employee must also present a range of soft skills and a profile compatible with the company’s culture.

Thinking about the needs of our customers and the importance and impact of this activity, Numeric presents its newest service: NUMERIC PEOPLE, a Recruitment and Selection service for professionals for executive, support and support positions carried out by a team of specialized executives .

With Numeric People, we carry out an active and personalized search for the best professionals on the market for more efficient recruitment and faster and more assertive delivery in all sectors and types of vacancies.

Relying on exclusive, proprietary and innovative tools throughout the process, from active candidate hunting to final feedback to the candidate, Numeric People brings your company closer to talent compatible with your needs.

How do we do Numeric People?
We know, analyze and understand your company, culture and needs, and then, in a customized way, we actively search for the best professionals on the market (active hunting) for the vacancies that need to be filled. To identify whether the professional’s profile is appropriate to that desired by the hiring company, we use various types of assessments (profile tests) indicated for each case according to the clients’ assessment and needs. All professionals are interviewed individually by our consultants, who seek their professional references from former colleagues, bosses or subordinates and we put together a list of nominees within the profile of the opportunity. We provide support from start to finish of the recruitment and selection process, with priority on efficient and strategic customer support and attention to candidates, taking care of feedback and maintaining communication to always preserve the image of Numeric People and our clients.
What is Numeric People?
Candidates mapped with technical adherence and also the company profile
We carry out confidential processes with confidential hunting
Profile tests (assessments)
Candidate presentation video
Humanized process with active feedback to candidates throughout the process
Possibility to pay only if you hire the Numeric People* candidate
Warranty and replacement within 6 months
*(see fee on success and closed fee)
questions and answers

Questions about the

Numeric People?

We have a team of experts who are dedicated to learning about your unique hiring needs and ensuring they know exactly what your company is looking for. Whether you need one person or an entire team - remote or in-person, we can connect you with highly qualified professionals with a wide range of experience. It is at this moment that Numeric proposes, through a deep dive into its business, to support decision making, showing scenarios that project results, materializing the options.

Yes, there are fees associated with using a recruitment consultancy to hire employees, but the total cost is generally a net savings for you, as finding highly qualified professionals can take a long time and you may even use the employee's own salary budgeted in the budget. who is leaving to pay the fees. With the experts at Numeric People, you can save time and money.

Many companies end up paying more taxes due to a lack of adequate tax planning, carried out in a personalized way based on operational characteristics and revenue generation.

This is a main pillar at Numeric, establishing a clear connection, acquiring knowledge of all the details that can contribute to the strategic preparation of the tax plan, generating efficiency and preventing unnecessary costs.

We help clients find the ideal employee, who has the technical, behavioral skills and cultural fit with the hiring company, consequently making their company better. We can hire a remote or in-person team through our unique approach, deep experience, technology and excellent resources, which enhance our ability to connect you with experienced professionals who will fill available roles.
We have qualified professionals with specific knowledge in the areas of accounting, finance, financial markets, insurance, technology, legal, human resources, engineering, marketing, logistics, among others...

We are committed to hiring your remote or in-person employee immediately - and we can do so because we have a vast network of highly qualified professionals who are available to start working today and we have a database. In addition, we do active search (hunting) to speed up the process. We'll help you find qualified temporary, project, and full-time candidates who fit into your company, enjoy what they do, and can hit the ground running.

Absolutely. Depending on your company's needs and peak workloads, we can provide you with one candidate or a team of highly qualified professionals. Our candidates can work remotely or in-person for a day, a week, or as long as you need. Just tell us your hiring needs and we'll do the rest.

Numeric People offers a candidate replacement guarantee for a period in accordance with each vacancy and each contract. Please contact your Consultant for more information.

Yes, we can help you find and hire the talent you need for your remote and on-site needs. We offer the flexibility to provide internal or external collaborators as company priorities and conditions change.

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